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Welcome to Hollywood Cinematics! This is an independant film organization founded by Karl Morkunas.


Ms. Dood's New Movie is out!
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HC's Halo Tournament
Contact us to tell us when would be a good time!

Established in 1999, Hollywood Cinematics awaits to become one of the most well rounded film production/entertainment companies of the future.  

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Karl's Morkunas' latest videos can be found on
Ms. Dood's Invitation to the CIA is out on DVD along with A Public Service Message: The Importance of Staying in School have a free complimentary DVD sent to you now! Karl's Theater DVD
ENTERTAINMENT Suggestion's Page Updated: Support HC! Find out how you can save on up to 30% on preorders of great upcoming block buster films. Check out Entertainment Suggestions now!
Hollywood Cinematics presents: Videogame Tournaments of the Elite ATTENTION! TOURNAMENT INFO RELEASED Find the details, screenshots, and hints to the unsurpassed FPS of all time: Halo.
Antimatter Design makes headway! Check out Antimatter's own production of Ultimate Video Game Scenes. Consisting of the best insane scenes from games such as: GTA3, Max Payne, and more. Link to the page now: Ultimate Video Game Scenes
Bertha Fats II: Second Offense becoming fading dream and will it ever get made? Find the answers to your questions at: Bertha Fats: 2 Second Offense


Due to the plethora of music files uploaded on different parts of our site which includes currently:
A 56K connection is not reccommended to fully enjoy the Hollywood Cinematics site. Although you will be capable of viewing the site, your download time can be tedious.


"You don't appreciate what you have, until you lose it; thus never take anything for granite" -Karl Morkunas